The National Transport University Bulletin: A Scientific and Technical Journal

ISSN 2523-496X (Online), ISSN 2308-6645 (Print)

Founded in 1997 Certificate of the journal registration:series КВ № 25200-15140ПР dated 20.07.2022, issued by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Languages: Ukrainian, English.

The Bulletin contains information that throws light on methodological, scientific and educational work at National Transport University. It is aimed to enhance operating efficiency of all modes of transport, the road infrastructure of Ukraine and to train highly qualified specialists in this field.

Furthermore, there are materials describing how to organize and conduct educational process using the latest information technologies and ECM as well as results of fundamental and applied research and current development of scientific problems in the field of road transport and transport construction, training of academic staff at postgraduate and doctoral levels, reviews of scientific and methodological conferences that take place at NTU and outside its walls, latest news at the University.

Professional Edition